• Japan

    こんにちは! The Empire of the rising sun is a country of two tales: modernity and ancestral culture. There are very few places where those two entities are so closely present. Come and discover one of the world’s craziest city (Tokyo), the stunning Mt. Fuji or the remoteness of some of its islands. 

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  • Indonesia

    Selamat Datang Indonesia! From the spirituality of Ubud (Bali), to the Komodo dragons, the jungles and orangutan of Kalimantan, the incredible structure of Borobudur to the the bright lights of Jakarta, Indonesia offers more than 17,000 islands to be discovered over a length of more than 5,000 km. Come and see it for yourself!

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  • Hong Kong

    你好! No other place in Asia is more iconic than the city of Hong Kong. Cramed and noisy, Hong Kong is a forest of building that shines over the Victoria Harbour at night. A foodie paradise, the city offers some extraordinary culinary experiences from all corner of the globe. More known as a shopping paradise, did you know 70% of the city is moutains and green parks? Come and discover it for yourself!

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  • Singapore

    A mix of many things, Singapore is a kaleidoscope of colors and cultures and is finally getting some spark, and is fast becoming one of Asia’s hit-list destinations. A (very) clean destination for sure! On top of world class shopping opportunities, the city of the Lion offers some incredible eating experiences.

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  • Cambodia

    The Temples of Angkor might be the main reason to visit  Cambodia but this little country offers so much more than just temples. Its dark history and the exciting cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap offer some great cultural and wine and dine experiences. And what to say about its stunning beaches…  

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  • Laos

    Probably the most genuine and pretty country in South East Asia, Laos offers the quirkiness and tranquility other countries in the region lost many years ago. World Unesco Luang Prabang is a reason by itself to visit this beautiful little country but do stay and spend more time on the Mekong River and discovering its stunning remote areas.

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  • Thailand

    The mother of tourism in Asia, Thailand might have lost some its cultural appeal but Bangkok nightlife and some of its beaches are still legendary! Here luxury is affordable and the comfort found in some of its hotels and lodges is absolutely unbeatable. Thailand’s tourism can be seen as industrial but you can still find your happiness in the country of smiles!

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