Our two principles:

Earth: Conservation, sustainable and human
Wanderer: Discovery, exploration and respect

We have worked hard to carefully select our partners, guides, vehicles and accommodation options.
We believe travelling should be a genuine source of enjoyment but most importantly it should not destroy, disfigure and annihilate the region, place or people you are visiting.

 About us:

A passion for people, countries and wildlife is what triggered the creation of Earth Wanderer.

Having worked pretty much all my life in the travel/aviation/hospitality industry, it was a very normal process to create Earth Wanderer. When travelling it seemed very difficult to mix experience and comfort. I love travelling by trains and check in into a great hotel or get on a bus to a remote place and stay in an outstanding lodge. The logistics of organising this seem very difficult. Fortunately, not for you as we are here to help you.

Our headquarters are in Rwanda. Why Rwanda might you ask? Because it is where my heart belongs but it is very well located and allow us to deal with Europe, South Africa, South America and Asia very efficiently as the time differences do not affect the running of our business. And to be fair, the weather is pretty much awesome here 😊

 Our values:

Forget set itineraries. At Earth Wanderer, we work around our guests and their requests. We only deal with operators which have a sustainable approach, clear ethics and corporate responsibilities. These are our core values and we will not sell something we do not believe in. Everyone is different so we listen to every request and wishes and try to accommodate them whenever possible. To us, it is the people who make the place and we want our clients to travel in the most magical way and provide them with the most genuine experiences/activities.

Our friends:



And many many more independently run gems around the world.


  • Waka Downtown, Office N°7 KN72 Street, Kigali, Rwanda

  • hello@e-wanderer.com

  • +250 791 693 622